Greg Clingham “Reads Ahead” toward the Future of Publishing

BUP would like to recognize our director, Greg Clingham, who is currently featured in an interview on the Bucknell University homepage. Greg’s piece is part of a series entitled “Ask the Experts,” a weekly discussion with a University faculty or staff member on pertinent issues, both within the campus community and the greater global population. In an analysis of the future of the publishing industry, with emphasis on the recent growth of electronic publications, he attempts to reconcile the seemingly divergent realms of print and electronic publishing, recognizing that the academic world relies upon their interconnectivity. Greg states — despite the recent interest and development of electronic publications – that “The book is here to stay… There is no indication that [with the rise of electronic publishing] there are many fewer books being produced,” as some might assume. Rather, Greg explains that both print and electronic sources have their individual purposes and serve the population in different, but equally viable, ways. Additionally, he reflects upon advantages of both types of publishing and emphasizes the idea that people should be responsive to the “proliferation of electronic books,” while also continuing to recognize the importance of print publications.

We are very pleased to congratulate Greg on this insightful piece, as we look ahead with interest and receptivity to the future of our industry.

Ask the Experts: Greg Clingham on the Future of Books–