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  • Book Reviews

    Early Puerto Rican Cinema and Nation Building: National Sentiments, Transnational Realities, 1897–1940Naida García-Crespo“In this groundbreaking study, the author roams knowledgeably across the fields of history, political science, and sociology…. Highly recommended.”– CHOICE Mikhail Bakhtin: The Duvakin Interviews, 1973by Slav N. Gratchev and Margarita Marinova, eds.“There are more than a few delights (and surprises) to be […]

  • News & Reviews for Satire, Celebrity, and Politics in Jane Austen

    Read the latest reviews for Satire, Celebrity, and Politics in Jane Austen by Jocelyn Harris: “Harris shows the inherent political nature of Austen’s satire by smartly linking her with the Hogarthian tradition of caricature. . . . Harris’s monograph ultimately leaves us with two questions, one explicit and one implicit: What if Austen’s lost correspondence was […]

  • Celebrating Caribbean-American Culture and History

    In 2011, Barack Obama made a Presidential Proclamation that designated the month of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month in the United States.  To commemorate this time when we celebrate the history and culture of Caribbean Americans, the Bucknell University Press is showcasing a few of our books that cover Caribbean topics. Many of […]

  • From Books to Films: The Stories of the Susquehanna Valley

    The Bucknell University Press Stories of the Susquehanna Valley series, edited by Katherine Faull and Alfred Siewers, has inspired a series of documentary projects funded by Bucknell, with one film produced by WVIA and several others produced by Bucknell students.  The book series itself seeks to develop interdisciplinary and multimedia approaches to the concept of […]

  • Beverly Cleary’s 102nd Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Beverly Cleary! Author of the beloved Quimby sister stories, Cleary, born on April 12th, 1916, celebrates her 102nd birthday today! Inspired by her own experiences in the world around her, Cleary first started writing to create the books that she longed to read but could never find on library shelves. Most of […]

  • Jocelyn Harris’ “Satire, Celebrity, and Politics in Jane Austen” Reviewed by “Times Literary Supplement”

    Jocelyn Harris’ 2017 book with Bucknell University Press, Satire, Celebrity, and Politics in Jane Austen, has recently caught the attention of Times Literary Supplement (TLS). A special segment, entitled “What Jane Saw: Exploring Austen’s creative hinterland and recoverable influences,” features some of the highlights of Harris’ book and its contributions to Jane Austen scholarship. The […]

  • Testimony of a Press Hand

    When my advisor told me that I should look into the internship that had opened up with the Bucknell University Press, my first thought was: we have a press? It was the end of my Junior year at Bucknell, I was an English major, and yet I had never even heard of the Bucknell University […]