Author: Kate Parker

  • Author Profile: George Haggerty on Horace Walpole’s Letters

    In a study that offers a lively account of eighteenth-century life through the perspective of one of its greatest eccentrics, Horace Walpole, George Haggerty opens a window onto both the history of masculinity in the eighteenth century and the codification of friendship as the preeminent value in Western culture.  Haggerty’s new book Horace Walpole’s Letters: […]

  • Author Profile: Priscilla Archibald on “Imagining Modernity in the Andes”

    Priscilla Archibald’s new book, Imagining Modernity in the Andes (2011), deals with the intersection of projects of modernity and cultural representation in the Andes through the lens of Peruvian novelist and anthropologist Jose Maria Arguedas.  Her study charts the social, cultural, and intellectual transformations that took place in the Andes throughout the twentieth and early […]

  • Author Profile: Daniel Shapiro on translating Cipango

    Daniel Shapiro is the translator of Cipango, published by Bucknell University Press in 2010.  The book has received outstanding exposure, including a starred review in Library Journal, a review by translator Edith Grossman in The American Poetry Review, and additional coverage in publications including Hispamérica, The Quarterly Conversation, and World Literature Today. Shapiro is Director […]

  • Author Profile: Joan L. Brown on Confronting Our Canons

    What is a canon and why does it matter?  Author Joan L. Brown, Elias Ahuja Professor of Spanish at the University of Delaware, attempts to answer these complex and loaded questions in her recent book Confronting Our Canons: Spanish and Latin American Studies in the 21st Century, published in 2010 by Bucknell University Press. Brown’s […]