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  • National Translation Month 2023 Reading List

    September is National Translation Month, when we celebrate authors and the translators whose work expands access to books for new audiences, while preserving their character and content. To close out the month, we compiled a list so you can continue reading talented authors and translators long after September ends. Here we highlight a selection of […]

  • ALTA43 Virtual Exhibit

    ALTA43 Virtual Exhibit

    In celebration of ALTA43, Bucknell University Press has assembled a list of books that may be of interest to attendees. Bucknell is a leading publisher in the humanities with a focus on literary studies, and maintains a broad interest in translation and translated works—particularly in Spanish and francophone studies. Over the years, we have published […]

  • Author profile: Emily Grosholz on translation

    Emily Grosholz discusses the craft of translation and her most recent collaboration with French poet Yves Bonnefoy: DĂ©but et fin de la neige / Beginning and End of the Snow. The book, published by Bucknell University Press in 2012, includes Bonnefoy’s original poems in French opposite Grosholz’s English translations as well as artwork by Farhad […]