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  • University Press Week Day 1: Guest blogger Manu Chander

    To kick off the 10th annual University Press Week (UP Week) celebration, we invited author Manu Samriti Chander to share his thoughts on publishing with university presses and why they matter. Professor Chander’s first book, Brown Romantics: Poetry and Nationalism in the Global Nineteenth Century, published by Bucknell UP in 2017, calls for the academy […]

  • A Good Surprise in a Terrible Year

    A Good Surprise in a Terrible Year

    The Nobel Prize in Literature for Louise Glück A Guest Post by Lee Upton At last, a good surprise in a terrible year. My mother-in-law brought me the news first: Louise Glück had won the Nobel Prize. Glück has often been the recipient of awards (the Pulitzer in 1993 and the National Book Award in […]

  • Author profile: Emily Grosholz on translation

    Emily Grosholz discusses the craft of translation and her most recent collaboration with French poet Yves Bonnefoy: Début et fin de la neige / Beginning and End of the Snow. The book, published by Bucknell University Press in 2012, includes Bonnefoy’s original poems in French opposite Grosholz’s English translations as well as artwork by Farhad […]